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Women-led tourism company based in UAE

A group of passionate young leaders, keen on using our tourism expertise to elevate the experience of everyone seeking to deeply engage with and enjoy the destinations offered.

Darb Al Asayel is a transformative company that aims to foster sustainable tourism concepts to promote local experiences, enhance cultural understanding, and meanwhile reduce the environmental footprint in our tourism experiences.


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What to Expect

Hiking – Desert Adventures – Inclusive Experiences – Authentic Local Taste – Responsible Tourism


Our Values

Cultures & Tradition

Gratitude for authentic cultures and traditions, unveiling their role in progress and modernity achieved


Deep care for our Environment and to leaving no trace behind


Diversity, tolerance and inclusivity


Respect for all humans, flora and fauna

Why choose us

Why the UAE


  • Exceptional diversity, offering numerous attractions across the country for all interests, such as: desert adventures, hiking in mountainous areas, cycling, camping, water sports, and modern life entertainment destinations.
  • Top-ranked worldwide for its safety indicators.
  • High flexibility of travel to and within the country, with excellent infrastructure that enables speedy and safe arrival to various destinations.
  • Kind nature of the people living in the country, always extending a hand of support when needed.
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